Wednesday, February 12, 2014

T2 Mint Drink recipes! Oh yeah

Choc Mint Milkshake - Oh yeah – this decadent drop tastes like a liquid after dinner mint. Organic Peppermint adds the zing, whilst the choc soy adds a nutty creamy indulgence that is only a little bit naughty but oh so nice. Brew Organic Peppermint concentrate, fill half jug with concentrate and half with choc soy milk and garnish with lots of ice, cinnamon sticks or vanilla beans (it’s like mint & choc ice cream!).
Mint Strawberries & Cream - A summer sweety, combining the dulcet tones of Strawberries and Cream with the crooning minty notes of spearmint and peppermint. The duo of fresh strawberries and mint leaves provide the doo-wop to make for a sweet sounding brew to enliven a balmy evening.Brew Strawberries and Cream and Mint mix 2:1 concentrate and garnish with lots of ice, fresh strawberries and mint leaves.

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